Clever Tricks to Increase Instagram Followers


The social obsession with attracting more followers to personal accounts has grown, and we find ourselves in a grand race where celebrities and those seeking fame in the world of social media compete. Have you ever wondered if you have the opportunity to appear and gain fame in the same way? Have you conscientiously searched for ways to increase real Instagram followers without buying them or paying hefty sums? Yes, it is very possible, but all I need from you is to focus on reading this article to be at the forefront of the celebrity list.

Smart tricks and methods to increase real Instagram followers without buying them


Innovation and smart thinking create a new path to success in your own way. Therefore, we would like to present the best smart methods and tricks that make it easier for you to increase real Instagram followers without buying them. Let's move together towards the ideas:


1-Creating valuable content


Good and valuable content is the cornerstone of attracting audiences to you. All you need to do is choose a comprehensive plan that includes content with weight in the minds of your desired audience.

If you have spent a long time on Instagram presenting content without success, you need to rethink what you offer. Immediately go to review the content that reveals the most interesting part for your audience in the insights on Instagram Insights in adjacent accounts.

The first step in this case requires you to integrate ideas and extract common ground between them to come up with innovative new content. This ensures attracting large crowds around you and enhancing interaction levels.

Additionally, we would like to advise you to make your account a business Instagram account so that you can access and understand the analytics, and enhance it as you notice it fit.


2-Interaction and engagement with the audience


It's good to remain active on your account within reason in other people's accounts. Therefore, you can comment on posts and engage with the audience, which will motivate more followers to follow you. However, it is important to note that excessive interaction on other people's Instagram accounts is no longer favorable for Instagram algorithms, as it falls under the category of manipulation and cheating.

It is nice to moderate your interactions and remain within reason when commenting on others' accounts, while also avoiding explicitly inviting others to participate and comment on your posts. Instead, use an engaging style in your content so that comments come naturally from the followers themselves.


3-Avoid the idea of ​​follower exchange


One of the miserable and despicable ideas is inviting to exchange followers. It is a completely rejected and inappropriate idea in my opinion, as the belief and conviction that come from the follower when they decide to press the follow button for you and interact with your content is the real win. It is not just about piling up numbers in followers, as the idea becomes similar to purchasing.

It is unfortunate that accounts with close followers are generally collected from exchanges; for example, having 9,000 followers and following 9,100 is definitive evidence that the quality of content is low. It is necessary to know and believe that achieving large numbers of followers requires tremendous effort and great patience to reach the level you aspire to. Be careful and sincere in implementing your self-marketing strategy.

4-Complete credibility and realism


Surely you notice that celebrity accounts show you a grand scale of wealth and luxury they live in, but there are those who fake it to gain more followers. However, you are not required to do that at all; rather, feeling genuine and living a normal life naturally without exaggeration or role-playing that is not yours allows you to convince the audience more to come and stay in your account.


Moreover, spontaneity and simplicity are things that make people feel that you are close to them. Therefore, try to shoot simple and spontaneous stories that have valuable meaning to gain likes.


5-Choosing the right time and content


Being famous means being a follower of events and occasions that touch the human depth in society so as not to cross boundaries and fall into prohibition, as society feels that you are negligent of feelings and ignore them as if you only seek views.


6-Interacting with influencers


Certainly, you are subscribed to a wide range of influencers in talking about a specialty or something, so you can interact with them and follow the latest posts and developments that occur in their content.

Not only that, but you can extract many ideas and topics from what is presented to you. However, it does not mean that you should be a copycat at all; rather, derive from the ideas anything new and present it in your own way.


7-Utilizing hashtags#


 you can take advantage of it by choosing the most popular and published hashtags to ensure your appearance when others search for the hashtag. It is a very good strategy that opens up the horizon for you to attract a real audience interested in what you publish. Therefore, before taking the initiative to use it, go to what others in the same field are posting and observe what hashtags they are using.

It is essential to know that exaggerating the use of hashtags is not beneficial, as it restricts the opportunity for your posts to appear to audiences, although Instagram allows you to use about 30 hashtags.


8-Continuous communication with followers


Do not be arrogant with followers at all, as if you close comments and participation in any way. It is necessary to give followers sufficient response to dispel any questions that may arise in their minds, such as responding to comments either in stories or by commenting, and clarifying the information they are actually searching for.

Followers naturally always aspire to communication and appreciation to return this favor to you.


In conclusion, there are many ideas in increasing the number of real Instagram followers without the need to buy them. Buying does not have a good ending as the numbers decrease after a period if you do not continue buying. Therefore, good and genuinely exciting content is what attracts the audience. However, never try to climb controversially at all.


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