Areas of freelance work (1)

At the beginning of the emergence of freelancing, its fields were limited to some writing or translation jobs, but today, with the development of technology and means of communication, it has become possible to do almost any job remotely, which has led to the expansion and increase in the fields of freelancing.

Below is a list the most important of these areas are divided into main categories:

The first category: creative jobs

They include the following:


The world of blogging is very wide, as we find some people who make an income for themselves by creating their own blog. Or by finding official sponsors and advertisers promoting their blogs.

Others also teach for other blogging companies that pay them to work by the hour or per post.

2- Advertising writer

Another popular job that can be done remotely is copywriting. In this job, you are required to write texts for advertisements or promotional materials as directed by the company you are contracting with. This may include any of the following:

Writing content for a website.

Writing product descriptions for an e-commerce website.

Preparing short explanatory texts and paragraphs for social media posts.

3- Managing social media platforms

As a social media manager, you will be responsible for all social media channels for a specific company, and you will have to use your marketing skills to increase the number of followers and deliver the company’s message to the largest possible number of users. In addition to interacting with them, responding to their inquiries, and performing a task very similar to customer service.

4- Graphic design

Businesses often need different designs, but they may not be so many that they need to hire a full-time designer.

If you have a background in design, and love working on designing charts, web pages, or printed materials, you can create these designs from your home and work as an independent graphic designer, but of course, you must have an academic degree in design, and be proficient in working on appropriate programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

5-Digital drawing

The field of digital drawing is less technical than graphic design, and you can work in it even if you do not have a specialized academic degree. It allows you to work on fun projects such as children's book covers, magazines, wall pictures, etc.

6-linguistic proofreading

If you are a grammar lover who always pays attention to typos, grammar, and spelling errors, then proofreading may be a suitable job that you can do from your home.

You can provide proofreading services for books, texts, CVs and any other written material printed or published electronically.


Perhaps you are a photography enthusiast, have you ever thought about using this hobby as an additional source of income. Many websites and companies need photographs to add to their blogs or pages on social media platforms, and your photos may be among them.

You can build your own website and provide this service, in addition to other services such as editing and modifying photos, and holding private photo sessions.

The second category: administrative and technical jobs

It includes the following:

1-Administrative assistant

Administrative assistant jobs are becoming more and more popular every day. You can be a remote administrative assistant for just one person, doing tasks such as:
Data Entry.
Manage calendar and agenda.
Respond to emails and calls.
Pay bills.
You can also provide administrative assistance services on a larger scale to several people or an entire company.


If you are fluent in several languages, you have an excellent opportunity, and the demand for you as a translator is very high!
You can exploit these skills in the field of freelance work, where you can translate articles, books, movie scripts and TV shows, technical texts and legal documents, in addition to many, many other materials... All you have to do is choose the field of translation that suits you, and start your new job as a freelancer.

3-Copying and transfer

You may have never heard of this function in Arabic, but the word "transcriber" you have probably come across.
A transcriber is a person who listens to something said aloud and then writes it into a specific document. This could be a speech, a seminar, a virtual conference, or a film to be scripted before moving on to the translation process. In short, copied material includes any form of information that has not yet been written.
One of the most lucrative freelance jobs is a transcription job that pays hourly but requires advanced listening and comprehension skills.

4-Programming Phone applications

If you have the skills to create and program mobile applications, then you can do this job from your home.
You will often find your clients from your previous work experience, but some websites, e.g. up work or freelance, will give you the opportunity to apply for a large number of job opportunities in the field of programming.

5-Data entry

This job does not require a lot of creativity or skill. All you need is speed in printing, as you will be given a set of different information to turn it into a specific document in the form that the client wants. This may include filling data into tables, printing it out as a Word file, etc.
It is a great way to gain additional experience that will benefit you when applying for various management positions. It may be very suitable if self-employment is an additional means of obtaining side income, and not the primary source of income.


You can write computer programs from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and a good connection to the Internet, so why not do that while sitting on the balcony of your home sipping your cup of coffee?!
The rapid development of technology and the heavy reliance on the Internet in various fields of business means that there is a constant need to build new websites or maintain existing ones. Therefore, the opportunities available in the field of programming are abundant, whether full-time or as a form of freelance work.

7-Customer service

This job may be less flexible than other freelance jobs, since you will need to deal with clients by answering their calls and messages via mail or various chat applications at specific times; however, you are still able to do this task from your sofa or kitchen.
In the end, the fields of freelancing have now become very diverse and comprehensive for matters and different fields if you do not find your skill or field of specialization in the previously mentioned work, There is another list of freelance work areas. 

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